Petite Plastics in Puget Sound

05/17/2018 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM PT


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Tacoma Nature Center
1919 S. Tyler St.
Tacoma, WA


Find out about the impact our everyday use of plastics is having on the marine ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest, including Puget Sound. Julie Masura, Senior Lecturer/Research Scientist at the University of Washington Tacoma and Center for Urban Waters, will speak on the growing field of marine microplastics research. Initially studying harmful algal blooms in Puget Sound and estuarine processes on the west coast of Vancouver Island, her field work expanded to assessing concentrations of microplastics in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Julie involves several students in her research work as well as partners with many environmental education groups throughout the region.

Photo of microplastic on Julie's finger picture from The Guardian