Vaux Swifts in our Neighborhood

06/28/2018 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM PT


  • Free


Tacoma Nature Center
1919 S. Tyler St.
Tacoma, WA


Did you know that Pierce County is host to one of the most fantastic spectacles in the animal kingdom -- thousands of Vaux Swifts swarming into the chimneys of JBLM every spring and fall?  Now listed as as an "International Important Bird Area (IBA)," meaning the loss of this resource would significantly impact the survival of the species, these chimneys are a lifeline for these tiny birds who put on such a great show.  Tahoma Audubon's ABC Club and TAS members are instrumental in protecting and studying these birds by providing members as official counters and observers at JBLM.  Find out more about these little known birds and their incredible displays when our members tell what they know.  Local coordinator Diane Yorgason-Quinn and several other counters will be on hand to let you know what's happening.  They all work with Vaux Happening ( and its founder, Larry Schwitters, who has previously spoken at TAS.  

Vaux's Swifts photo by Joe Tieger