Welcome to Subirdia

05/25/2017 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM PT


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Tacoma Nature Center
1919 S. Tyler St.
Tacoma, WA 98405
United States
Room Number: Auditorium


Welcome to Subirdia: Sharing Our Neighborhoods with Wrens, Robins, Woodpeckers and Other Wildlife

Speaker: John Marzluff

John Marzluff, author of the book Welcome to Subirdia, will reveal that our suburbs and city parks are often remarkably rich in bird diversity—holding more species than either wilderness areas or urban centers. In fact, suburbs may play a key role in preventing loss of species in the face of the dramatic disruptions of climate change and other human impacts.

He also shows how some birds are adapting and thriving in moderately urban ecosystems, often evolving before our eyes. Just as we affect birds around us, they shape our culture, commerce, and quality of life.

Of course, the news is not all good. Many birds cannot adapt to the pressures of human development. They retreat to our limited wilderness areas or become scarce.

Welcome to Subirdia gives us something to celebrate. The herons in our urban streams, the barred owls whose shrieks wake us up in our city neighborhoods, the woodpeckers that nest in our wooded parks can motivate us to see a future with birds.

Doors to the event open at 6:30 pm for socializing, and the program will begin at 7 pm.